iBoy – A Movie Review

Holy… hell…

A Netflix Original for the ages. But of course, before that it was a story by Kevin Brooks (which I will be reading shortly).

I loved the heck out of this. I’m writing these words as the credits start rolling, that’s how excited I am to share it with you. I’m so excited I don’t even think I can find the right words to tell you how cool I thought this movie was. Netflix is friggen killing it recently, I’m so gorram impressed.

Ok. As for the overall theme, it was your typical boy meets girl, boy falls in love with girl, girl gets hurt, boy gets superpowers, boy tracks down the people who hurt girl and exacts beautiful revenge.
But it’s so much more than just that.


The main character (Tom), while a high school student, thinks outside the box and finds elegant solutions to his complex problems. He still makes silly mistakes, as an human can and will, which adds an element of realism to the whole thing.

I guess trigger warning… the theme of the damage to the girl is a rape. The rape was not shown in any detail, but it is what it is. While that is in progress, the main character runs into her house to say hello, and catches the perps in progress. This leads to him getting shot… in the head… while on the phone with the cops.

He wakes up in the hospital with his grandma holding his hand. The doctor tells him he has fragments of his phone lodged in his brain. Tom asks if it hit any of the important parts… the doctor then says “Being a neurologist, we find all of the brain to be pretty important.” I loled…

After getting home, Tom realizes he can accesses electronic devices with only his mind. The movie goes on to showing Tom training himself in hacking, hand to hand combat, and more. He communicates with “girl” (Lucy), to see if she’s ok, and to let her know the perps would be getting theirs.
The dilemma rages on as she tells “iBoy”, the vigilante attacking the gangs of the burbs, not to continue, to let it go. Tom must choose if he loves Lucy, or loves vengeance.

Soon Tom discovers there’s more to it than just gangs beating up nerds and raping girls, there’s drug lord undertones and a huge crime circle going on. I’m actually quite pissed, because we never get to know who the main perp is… every time Tom tries to hack his profile, he gets errors, and unknowns… WTF is that about!? I want to know so bad. I want there to be another one. I want Tom to be a superhero, because he totally is… AGH it was so good!

~~~End Spoilers~~~

The cyberpunk theme is maintained strongly throughout, and is a fantastic element in the movie. It’s so well executed, I’m f*ckin jealous. Dear Netflix, please adopt me as your long lost daughter. I’ll write for you endlessly. I love you. Bring my brain to life on the screen T_T

In closing, this movie was so cool, I’m going to watch it again tomorrow. Thanks Mom for chilling with me after my busy work life finally wrapped up. Ugh… I need to figure out how to replicate myself.
Night kiddies…

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