Critique/Writer’s Groups – Part 1

HI GUYS! Haven’t seen you in a while… sorry about that. Life sometimes turns upside down and you gotta roll with the punches.

I’m preempting this with Part 1 because I assume there will certainly be a Part 2, maybe even 3. There’s lots to talk about here, so let’s dive into the beginning.

Do I Need A Writer’s Group?

Do you write? If yes, then yes. If no… probably still yes.

Picking a Writer’s Group

So, you need a writer’s/critique group, but how do you find the write(😉) fit? There are many things to take into consideration, but here’s the top for me:
  1. Get a writing sample from them, and give them one of yours.
    You need to know if they:
    • Are on the same skill level, above, or below you. You don’t want to pair with a group that’s full of people below your skill level because you likely won’t grow with them. You want a good mix of people below, above, and at your skill level so you can help mentor, and grow, at the same time. Win-win.
    • Write in or around the same genre. You don’t need to get into a group that’s strict Slipstream Cyberpunk if that’s what you want to write, but you need to at least get into a group with a few Sci-Fi people, or else you’re gonna have a bad time.
    • Differ in background. You want a good mix of people from different age groups and genders. You want to be able to get at least ONE person in the group to be from your target market, or close to it, so when you bounce something off them they can say if it resonates.
  2. Do they meet near where you live/work?
    This one is important for a few reasons, but mainly consistency. If you have to drive 20 miles out of your way to get to them, do you think you’ll be able to stick with it? Probably not. You want a group that meets in a super convenient place so it’s harder for you to opt out of meetings. Not just for your sanity’s sake, but you want to build a rapport with these people, and if you’re not showing up, they’re not going to know you (I experienced this one a few nights ago with my group, but I won’t cry about it here).
  3. Along with the sample writing, you probably want to get and give a sample critique, or treat your first meetup like an interview-ish. You want to know that the members in the group actually receive criticism well, and if they give it well too. Nothing worse than writing up a thousand words of critique on an eight thousand word submission to get literally nothing in return. It’s like a kick to the balls (if I had any), and you always get a bit salty… it’s like, “I spent fuckin two hours reading and providing feedback for your work. Even if my feedback is poop to you, at least give me the same effort…” Oooh… am I salty right now? I think I’m salty.
Cutting you guys off there. I’ve got a fuckin’ killer script to be working on right now. Peace out kiddies! 

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