January 2021 Update

Henlo my dudes! Can you believe it!? We made it to 2021. It feels like 2020 was both the fastest and longest year… I went camping in July and it seemed like that was 3 years ago.

What am I writing?

Bastion Academy: First Summer

There’s a new summer short out you can get for the low price of signing up for my mailing list (HERE). The summer short is all about Hana’s unnaming, and the trials she goes through to become independent. I’m really thrilled with how this one turned out, and love how all the characters came together, especially Yuri.

Bastion Academy: Foundations

It’s doing well on amazon. If you haven’t nabbed a copy, you can (HERE).

Bastion Academy: Malware

Book 2 has a release date! 3.2.21, watch for it! ^_^

Bastion Academy: Subterfuge

This one’s in progress, going okay! 25k words down on the page and need another 60-70k or so by 3.1.21. Wish me luck!! If you’re interested in getting early chapters of this, head over to my Patreon (HERE). Those chapters will start posting sometimes the week after next, or possibly at the beginning of February.


I did a puzzle with my friends yesterday and really enjoyed the moment of reprieve but goodness, I’m strapped for time. I’m feeling the crunch, my dudes.

No games right now, but I am reading “Caste” by Isabel Wilkerson and that’s interesting… shining a bright light on American history and damn, it’s uncomfortable, but necessary.

Ah! Also, watched the first two episodes of WandaVision a few nights ago and while the first episode was a really big turn off for me, there was a tiiiiny bit of a hint of what’s to come in episode two. If you felt turned off by Ep1 and didn’t return, try Ep2 in earnest.

I think that’s it for now, my dudes. Have a great rest of your January!

~J.D. Astra

Published by The Astral Scribe

I'm a baller. Keyboard crawler. 20 inch display, on my ink scrawler. Holler. Getting flayed tonight, all my characters getting splayed tonight! In my spare time I love to cook, hike, play video games, and spend quality time with my people.

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