February 2021 Update

Henlo my dudes! This post is a tad late in the month, apologies for that. Boy, it’s been a busy February with lots of things going on… some really great and some really not great. Enough of the depressing stuff, on to the update!

What am I writing?

Bastion Academy

Malware comes out next week! Ahh so exciting! You can preorder here, or sleuth around the Shadow Alley Press and Astral Scribe pages to see if you can win a giveaway copy.

Subterfuge is underway. Just about the 60k mark and the first sketches for the next cover are available. You can find early chapters and the cool bonus content like sketches and the likes on my Patreon.

Merchandise is in a bit of a rework, but I hope that’ll be a wrap and ready to go in a few weeks! So many cool things to get into there. Stickers, mugs, sweaters, shirts, skater skirts (because I want one okay?) and so much more is coming!

Reading Recommendation – A Snake’s Life

Book 3 in the Snake’s Life series– A Snake’s Rise–just came out and if you’re a fan of LitRPG and fun slice-of-life awesomeness, I’d say take a chance on old Torga! Here’s the description:

The afterlife isn’t always what you think…

A loving father of three children, Albert lived a life of few regrets. He served his country far from home. He outlived his soulmate. He died alone.

However, his assumptions about a peaceful eternity, reunited with his wife, are thrown out the window when a meddling god digs his fingers into Albert’s afterlife.

The positive? He will have a chance to see his wife again.

The negative? He has to survive the dangers of the legendary World Tree for the next three hundred years. He’s been reincarnated into a world full of magical evolutions, monstrous deer, sassy ten-year-old elves, and untold hidden dangers. It won’t be easy, but if life has taught Albert anything it’s this: If something is worth having, it’s worth fighting for. And he intends to fight.

J.D. Updates

Not a whole lot else going on for me, honestly. Been sneaking in WandaVision every Friday night but otherwise working a lot and dealing with the really not good things happening this month. The discomfort will pass! Keeping my head up and my eyes on the horizon. Later dudes ❤

~J.D. Astra

Published by The Astral Scribe

I'm a baller. Keyboard crawler. 20 inch display, on my ink scrawler. Holler. Getting flayed tonight, all my characters getting splayed tonight! In my spare time I love to cook, hike, play video games, and spend quality time with my people.

3 thoughts on “February 2021 Update

      1. Work has kept me busy but I have a good 312 drafts ready to go with more books waiting to be reviewed, and other stuff. I think it will be a good year, my friend.


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