Something about November – Time to catch up again…

Hey my dudes. Not sure what happens in November but it seems I remember this site exists near the end of the year. WELL… I’m gonna do my best not to forget come January 1st. OKAY Let’s get you up to date really quick: I quit the 9-5, forsaking dollar bills in favor of fuelingContinue reading “Something about November – Time to catch up again…”

Collaboration: The Journey of Contributing in the Viridian Gate Online Universe

In 2018 I was offered a chance to join a growing Small Press, Shadow Alley Press, and contribute to a world I already loved reading, Viridian Gate Online. I jumped at the opportunity, and off took my author career with the care and guidance of my new team. It took nearly 9 months to write theContinue reading “Collaboration: The Journey of Contributing in the Viridian Gate Online Universe”

Critique/Writer’s Groups – Part 1

HI GUYS! Haven’t seen you in a while… sorry about that. Life sometimes turns upside down and you gotta roll with the punches. I’m preempting this with Part 1 because I assume there will certainly be a Part 2, maybe even 3. There’s lots to talk about here, so let’s dive into the beginning. DoContinue reading “Critique/Writer’s Groups – Part 1”

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