Maintaining good relationships with Reviewers

Hmmm… this one seems as if it’s a multi-purposed post. For not just the writing in your life, but other things like your day job, maybe even casual friendships. I’d like to talk about how to maintain a good relationship with people, so when the time comes, there’s no question in their mind about helpingContinue reading “Maintaining good relationships with Reviewers”

Writer’s block – *sigh*

We all get it from time to time, the dreaded inability to formulate sentences, lead one action into the next. A lot of people say “DRIVE ON!” Just keep writing, force it out, write something terrible, doesn’t matter. I find it pretty difficult to do this. I’m not sure how to help you… I can’tContinue reading “Writer’s block – *sigh*”

Mile High Horror Film Festival – A Critique

Critique… The English language is an enigma man… I would spell that word criteek, but f*ck me, whatever. You can tell its late, because I’m starting this post out bashing the language I use to tell stories. On with what I came here to talk about. Even Lambs have Teeth – 7/10 I’ll give itContinue reading “Mile High Horror Film Festival – A Critique”

Receiving Criticism – How to improve instead of surrendering

The Mill’s first 1 star review, it finally happened! But I’m not sad. You can never please everyone, it’s just not possible. I’m very glad that this was not my first review of The Mill – that may have been a little soul crushing – but all the same, her opinions and views are valid andContinue reading “Receiving Criticism – How to improve instead of surrendering”

Naming a work of Fiction – Guest post and the next Novella Teaser!

Hey guys! Sorry I haven’t been super active, life and stuff. Here’s a link to the guest post I did for Amber Gregg on her site Judging more than just the cover! Here’s a bit of what I’ve been doing recently: Walking through the sand was grueling, and we all began to pant. Our packsContinue reading “Naming a work of Fiction – Guest post and the next Novella Teaser!”

Reviews of The Mill – Book to the Future & Have you heard my Book Review!

Hey guys, just in for a quicky. I’ve recently had the pleasure of being in contact with Melanie Adkins of Have you heard my Book Review, and “Ste J” of Book to the Future. Both fantastically wonderful human beings. Ste J and I have carried on many conversations, late into both of our nights (pretty convincedContinue reading “Reviews of The Mill – Book to the Future & Have you heard my Book Review!”

When sh*t hits the fan: How to adapt to less than stellar situations

As the title states… sometimes the proverbial poop will hit the fan. Or sometimes, the actual poop will hit an actual fan. I’ve never seen it myself, but I assume it’s both terrifying and amusing. So far on this journey, I haven’t had anything go absolutely wrong, but I’ve had several things take a dumpContinue reading “When sh*t hits the fan: How to adapt to less than stellar situations”

Launch Party – It’s a big deal

Hello hello my dear audience! Today, I’d like to talk about launch parties. Parties can be awesome, but they can also suck. You do not want to throw a party for your book that sucks. Step One Canvas the area. Find where it is that you want to host said party. Your home can be an acceptableContinue reading “Launch Party – It’s a big deal”

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