Distraction and Procrastination – What I’m doing right now…

Goooood evening everyone! As the title states, we’ll be talking about distractions and procrastination tonight, mainly how to avoid it, when writing. This one is going to be a little short, because unfortunately I did not use any of my methods today, and procrastinated writing this post. Do you ever catch yourself writing two paragraphsContinue reading “Distraction and Procrastination – What I’m doing right now…”

The road to success isn’t paved: Part 2 – Launching & Platforms

When it comes to self publishing, I only have experience with two services; Amazon, and Createspace. Amazon was awesome, easy, hell it was even fun! They made it very newb writer friendly to start, it’s easy to get it through review, and see your page on the app store before even going live. Updating filesContinue reading “The road to success isn’t paved: Part 2 – Launching & Platforms”

Fearful One

By Jim Stigall: jimstigall.blogspot.com Hungry. Hungry. Hungry. Lonely. Frightened. The only things that consume my mind as I wander through this wasteland of a place, this city that once was. Massive, beautiful, wondrous thing my feeble mind can no longer comprehend. A world I do not understand, was never really part of, don’t even remember. Hungry.Continue reading “Fearful One”

Oh Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy!!

IT’S HERE!!!! Squee update incoming. The Mill has arrived and hot damn, it’s beautiful. Even smells good… See for yourselves: Now, if that isn’t the prettiest little novella you’ve seen, you’re lying to yourself. Alright. That was all I wanted to update. Digital pre-orders available now, paperback pre-orders sometime this week, launching October 15th! 

Self Publishing – The road to success isn’t paved

Seeing that I have yet to achieve success, I’m not sure I should write this post… but I will anyway. Self publishing is easy. You write the thing, you log in to Amazon, you upload the thing, you press the publish button. Successful self publishing is a nightmare of frustration and heartache. Here’s why: IfContinue reading “Self Publishing – The road to success isn’t paved”

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